Summer News

5th November 2019

Express Anti Ageing


NEW Roselift Collagene Range

Rose Coll Collage

Introducing a purpose approach to 'slow ageing'. This range helps to re-densify, firm and sculpt the facial contours.

Enriched with Roseactive and Peptide to boost cellular metabolism in fibroblasts, which slow down and weaken with age, to increase collagen production to have a lifting toning effect on the skin.

Roselift Collagene Concentre


Redensifying Booster Serum enriched with Damask Rose Extract, Peptide and Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate metabolism, increase density and slow the appearance of wrinkles, plus has a plumping and lifting action.

Use morning and or evening to perfectly cleansed face and decollete.



Roselift Collagene Regard

rlc-regard-hd (1)

Firms the Eye Contour are and LIFTS drooping eyelids. Has a mechanical and tightening effect plus reduces puffiness and dark circles. Has no fragrance.

Use morning and evening 



Peeling Bubble Mask

Bubble Mask Peeling                Bubble mask peeling faces

Repackaged Oxygenate Depolluant NOW in SACHET!!!  No more leaking pumps!!! Back in stock towards end of NOVEMBER


8 Sachets - 8 weeks supply

Roselift Collagene Jour and Nuit

Role Coll Nuit                   Rose Coll Jour

Roselift Collgene Jour lifts facial features, has a mechanical tightening effect and the skin is toned. A 71% lifting noticed after 28 days. Use morning


Roselift Collagene Nuit has a Lipo-Filling action, restores facial density and resculpts facial volume. After 28 days skin is 86% firmer and 82% fuller.


Use at night

Supreme Jeunesse Cou

Sup J Cou

Targeted youth enhancing care for neck and decollete. Focusing on the anti-ageing action of the Supreme Jeunesse Range with the added benefits of remodeling from Oat Extract and anti-Dark Spot action with Pea Extract and Vitamin C. The roller applicator and the special technique for application with give results after 28 days of 68% firmer and 66% lifted.

Dark spots reduce over a period of 2 months but there is a visible reduction from 14 days.


Use daily 


NEW SUNNY in stock now!


Larger Sizes, UVA & UVB protection and Anti Oxidant action plus reef friendly solar filters.

SUNNY RANGE, Sunny Magic Mousse Bronzer with a Tan Activator, Sunny SPF 50 Crème and Devine, in two sizes, Sunny Brume Lactee SPF30, and Refreshing Coco Gelee.


Nee Brightflash Concealer                

Rich in Vitamins A & E and Hyaluronic Acid. Can be used as a concealer or to illuminate after make up. Wind the bottom to release the colour then brush on with the soft brush. Comes in three colours.